Role: Doc. Sean Rivers

Cast: Maria Albiñana, Magda Marcella, Ryan Moriarty

Released: September 2014

Directed by: Yuki Yoshimatsu

Written by: Yuki Yoshimatsu

Production: New York Film Academy

Filming Locations: Solar Studios, Glendale


Love and loss, two powerful emotions that are forever intertwined in the lives of Daena & Liora as they fight to maintain their relationship against the crippling effects of depression.


Ryan portrays the longtime psychiatrist to Daena as she battles depression and all the complications that come with her new relationship with her partner, Liora.



Working with Yuki was a great experience as she had a true vision for her film and was so eloquent and articulate in conveying her message to us actors and her crew.  Everyone showed such great passion for this project and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work portrayed in the final cut!