Great to be back on the Paramount Studio Lot again  providing more ADR/voice-over work for the next season of The Man In the High Castle.  Be sure to check out all prior 3 seasons currently streaming on Amazon Prime to catch up for Season 4!



Was nice working with Tina Hart and her loop group on CBS’ prime time show, Madam Secretary, on the Sony Pictures Studio Lots.  Always a great experience being on a new show and getting the opportunity to work with so many talented artists in the ADR Looping field. “Baby Steps” is set to air on November 18th at 10pm on CBS.



Got to work with Mark Sussman’s Loop Squad again for more looping/ADR work on the CW superheroes show, Legends of Tomorrow.  Be sure to check out the episode which is set to air November 28th at 9pm on the CW.



Was a very gratifying and amazing week getting to rehearse and perform several staged readings for La Escena/Golden Tongues at the Greenway Court Theatre adapting Hispanic classical theater to contemporary Los Angeles.



Good to be back in the ADR studio at Warner Bros. Studio Lots today performing more looping for NBC’s Season Four premiere of Blindspot.  Be sure to check out the episode “Hella Duplicitous” when it airs on October 12th.



Was great working in front of the camera again, this time for Stanley Soh’s psychological thriller The Will to Change for USC’s film school.  Got to portray Dr. Ito...a mysterious Japanese Man who confronts three friends that wake up in the middle of an empty city with a female body lying motionless to their side and are immediately asked “who did it?”



Ending the great week just like it began...on a high note!  Elated to be joining the Aqua Talent Agency family as I signed with Courtney Peldon to represent me theatrically.  Even more excited to finally get the chance to play with the rest of the players throughout the entertainment industry!!!



Very proud and excited to announce that I’ve signed with Jeff Smith of Trinity Artists International for managerial representation.  Looking forward to many successful endeavors as we venture into the next level of my career!



Even the strong winds couldn’t hold back all our mad creativity going on in our little motel room for the shooting of Andrew Kevelson’s short film Too Careful today.  Was a true joy working with everyone and can’t wait to see how the Final Cut turns out!



Looking forward to playing in front of the camera again, as I found out I was cast in Andrew Kevelson’s upcoming USC film Too Careful...a mix of Planes, Trains & Automobiles with a little The Professional thrown in to spice things up!



Another day, another gig back on the NBC Universal Studios lots for another round of ADR looping work. Great working again with Kevin Sutherland's stellar Looping team on Westworld.



And that's a WRAP!!! Had a blast this weekend playing in front of the camera for a change. Was great working with Alejandra Hou and her wonderful cast & crew and being a part of their awesome shoot! Looking forward to the final cut of Fairness!



Though it’s just a small imprint in their crazy world...it was a blast performing ADR/voice-over work on HBO’s sci-fi drama Westworld at the NBC Universal Studio lot.  Be sure to check out the new season when it returns on April 22nd.



So grateful to have learned today that I was cast in Alejandra Hou’s upcoming film Fairness for the LA Film school...cuz it feels like it’s been AGES since I last got to work in front of the camera!!!



Felt great being back on the Paramount Lot at Technicolor Studios providing more ADR/voice-over work for Amazon’s show, The Man In the High Castle.  Looking forward to Season’s 3 premiere in the coming months!



Well all rides must come to an end but what an amazing, thrilling, unforgettable ride it was, getting to portray Professor Moriarty in Theatre 40’s wonderful production of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily.  Couldn’t have asked for a more memorable way to wrap up my 2017 filled with so many great memories on stage and in the studio.



Another great round of shows this past week.  Really felt great having more time to familiarize myself with not only my role & character but also with the rest of the cast and crew.  It’s been a heck of a whirlwind journey so far, one I can’t wait to keep experiencing again and again...be sure to come and experience it for yourself at Theatre 40!!!

Ryan Moriarty is a multi-ethnic (half Japanese, quarter Irish, quarter French) actor captivating the entertainment industry with his unique background, diligent work ethic, and experienced insight.

Ryan grew up primarily in Tokyo but is proud to call LA his home for several years now.  A graduate of the East West Players and Second City Conservatory programs, he considers amongst his highlights his many voice-over roles for feature films and TV shows, over a dozen short films, stage performances in FUGU & The Hotel Play, and performing with his sketch comedy group, iGod.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing baseball every Sunday in a Japanese American League, tennis, hiking, and lots of yoga & pilates throughout the week to keep him feeling rejuvenated and positive!